About Me

I currently live in North Carolina with my delightful wife, Jill, and our troop of kids. But I’m a Kentucky boy at heart. I was raised in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains, and that land has largely defined who I am today.

After graduating from Marshall University, I began a journey into full-time ministry with Cru, a path that has led me all over the world. I lived for two years in Slovakia – a tiny but beautiful country in Central Europe. I spent 14 years in Bowling Green, KY, where I met Jill. We married in 2004.

During that time, I attended Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY, graduating in 2014 with a Master of Divinity. Those years of study shaped my biblical and theological formation, as well as my practical approach to ministry with my introduction to the Biblical Counseling movement.

About this Site

My writing over the years has been sporadic at best. I have drifted between formal and creative, prose and verse. In those moments of reflection and creation – as irregular as they have been – I have found great joy.

At the news that a child would enter our family, I had high hopes and lofty plans to be much more disciplined in my writing. I planned to journal through the book of Proverbs with the intent of presenting that handwritten journal to him on a milestone birthday. I made a few entries over the course of a few months and then quit, giving my time and attention to other things.

The flame rekindled before our second son was born, then died out again.

Before the birth of our daughter, I never put pen to paper.

The passion behind that initial endeavor was driven by a desire to leave something behind. A record of things I don’t want to go unsaid. Something tangible to guide them along uncertain paths.

After two decades in full time ministry, there are things I’ve learned and experienced that I don’t want to be forgotten. How to define success and embrace failure. How to set aside fear and find joy in contentment.

There’s a generation of young men and women coming behind me that need a guide for life and ministry. A glimmer of hope in the dark underbrush of this wild and tangled world.

This is my trail of breadcrumbs for them.