Finding my Way Home

The story of Hansel and Gretel spooked me as a child. Imagine being abandoned deep in a forest by your parents, being captured by a cannibalistic witch, having to escape her clutches by killing her, then having to find your way out of the dense woods. But young Hansel was clever. He overheard his parents’ … Continue reading Finding my Way Home

King of the Air Guitar, pt 2

Being an air guitarist naturally had its benefits. Flawless playing. Adoration. Immediate success. But all that came with a price. I could master any song as quickly as I desired – strumming patterns, chord progressions, and lead parts flowing seamlessly together. Yet, when I actually picked up my instrument my fingers couldn’t live up to … Continue reading King of the Air Guitar, pt 2

Looking for Trouble

I wept at the arrival of each of our three children. Not tears of pain or heartache but of abundant joy. My heart felt no hint of trouble as I held them in my arms. That must have been true for Mary and Joseph, as well. Even if they were surrounded by rumors of scandal … Continue reading Looking for Trouble

Jesus in the Bullpen

In the summer of 1992, I finally got my “shot” in one of the last baseball games I ever played. Our team held a marginal lead entering the final inning. As the “home” team our opponents got the final at-bat. But our pitcher was tired and unable to finish the game. Though rarely called upon … Continue reading Jesus in the Bullpen

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