Rethinking the Narrative

  • You don’t measure up.
  • Don’t say what you really think. Your voice/story is irrelevant.
  • No one sees you. No one cares.
  • In fact, God doesn’t care.
  • You’ll be easily forgotten.
  • You’ll never be asked to lead again.

Those aren’t just idle phrases. Those are some of the words that play on a loop in my mind, and, if I’m not careful, I can begin to believe they are absolutely, unchangeably true.

Other people might see a snapshot of my life – what I choose to reveal in conversations, in relationships, or on social media. But I struggle with insecurities and fears. And these words represent how they play out in my mind.

But they’re all lies.

Do I fail? Absolutely. Do I say things I wish I could take back? All the time. Are others more skilled or talented than me? Without a doubt.

Those shortcomings (or perceived shortcomings) don’t define me, though. As a follower of Christ, I have been remade into something new. And in that remaking, he rewrote the narrative of my life. That’s the truth and power of the gospel.

The challenge is believing what has been true of me from the moment he changed me.

I am seen. I have worth. I will never be forgotten. All because of Christ’s sufficient, saving grace.

During a recent training I attended, the speaker asked us to reflect on these questions.

  • What tapes do you play [in your mind] that are contrary to the gospel?
  • What new tapes could you play instead?
  • As you look at Jesus, what is it He is saying to you that he really wants you to get?

What about you? What lies do you believe that are no longer true because of Christ? How do you need to rethink your narrative?

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