Raising Gap-Fillers

It’s small choices that define our lives – the millions of mundane decisions that paint a picture of who we really are. And it’s in those small choices that habits and patterns are established which impact bigger choices.

Jesus talks about this in the “Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25:14-30) when describing a faithful servant. It’s the servant who proves himself faithful with “a few things” who can be entrusted with “many things” and proves himself truly prepared to enter the Kingdom of God. That’s the bigger purpose of obedience and service.

How do we become faithful? It definitely doesn’t happen by accident; we don’t drift into patterns of selflessness and trustworthiness. It requires reproof, correction, training, and discipline. And if I struggle with it as an adult, how much more will I need to train my sons.

Like me, they won’t find their way alone. They require guidance and encouragement while they’re still young if they’re be shaped into men who quickly observe and quickly respond. But as much as I encourage and train them toward obedience in their childhood, they also need to see me faithfully obeying and serving…especially when it’s hard.

They’re watching everything I do. But what are they seeing?

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