Starting Fresh

I remember the first time I wrote something that I thought mattered. It was in my 10th grade English class. Though it was probably worse than I remember, it set me on a trajectory. Maybe it was the words of encouragement I received from my teacher. But I don’t think so. I got satisfaction from creating and using words as my art.

Since that discovery at the age of 16, I have written off and on – at times formally but mostly for myself. Every time, though, it’s been purposeful…at least for me.

For the past 19 years, I’ve worked for a large campus ministry. During that time I’ve written bible studies, devotions, and papers for seminary. I’ve sporadically kept a journal, both handwritten and digitally. I’ve scribbled down thoughts in random notebooks, on pieces of paper, and on sticky notes. I’ve typed away on documents and in various apps.

A blog is another attempt at being consistent and faithful to get thoughts and ideas into physical form.

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